Would You Be Our Dealer? (Franchising)

We invite you to the colorful world of C&City. How Does ?

We know well that experience is the best capital in these days when it is difficult and tiring to keep up with the "New World" retailing, where fashion changes day by day. A decision was made in 2011 and the first C & City store was opened. Since then, we have struggled and continue to be a brand that is a part of change and tries to direct this change. 5 years in such a short time 9 Istanbul in Turkey have reached 10 stores and we continue to grow. If you want to take this journey and grow with us, we would like to order a coffee if you let us.

Why Should I Become a C&City Dealer?

Time has gained more value than before and people started to live much faster. People started to try all sorts of ways to waste less time. However, they wanted to buy quality products at affordable prices and products that were unique to them. In this direction, C&City Stores add color to the lives of people who have many important brands, including women's underwear (bras, socks, bodies, thermal, pajamas, corset) men's underwear (boxer, athlete, sweat, pajama) and various accessories. became a chain store. It also tries to improve these options day by day.

When you join us, you will soon get behind our experiences and innovative ideas. In addition, when you become our dealer, you will learn about the fashion of the year and the latest trends, and you will have the chance to get our own collection privately. At the same time, you will be able to receive support on every subject, regardless of day / hour.

For Detailed Information: [email protected]




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